Insurance Valuation

insurance valuation

All Asset Appraisals prides itself on our ability to provide professional, expert insurance valuation for your business and assets.

To protect you business and your assets is of utmost importance and that means ensuring valuations are accurate in order to direct you in purchasing insurance that is correct for your circumstance.

How does insurance valuation differ from market valuations?

Insurance valuations are based on providing a replacement value of an asset. This is to ensure that the asset is correctly insured.

Market valuations refer to the worth of an asset within a marketplace.

At All Asset Appraisals, we thoroughly conduct insurance valuations by conducting inspections of your business/property, valuables and the materials needed for replacement, to calculate an accurate valuation of the associated costs.

This insurance valuation process mitigates the risk of under insurance and co-insurance clause triggering should an incident occur causing damage to business or assets.

Recent Insurance Valuations

Recently the All Asset Appraisal team have provided insurance valuations for the following:

  • Large art portfolios
  • Universities
  • Antique collections
  • Plant and Equipment – various industry
  • General household goods and chattels
  • Schools
  • Sporting organisations

Our insurance valuation skills & knowledge are not limited to these assets/businesses.

How can All Asset Appraisals help you?

Many companies and organisations have asset registers requiring regular updates to ensure adequate insurance cover. Collectors and private individuals require adequate insurance cover to guard against potential loss. A valuation report will itemise values that reflect the full replacement cost of each individual item.

At All Asset Appraisals, we provide expert advice on all relevant insurance valuations requirements. In seeking peace of mind, renewing your insurance policy or maintaining an asset register or portfolio, contact All Asset Appraisals to arrange an expert valuation.